8 Overlooked body-parts to exfoliate with the Exfoliating Mitt

Even when using a body scrub regularly, there might be a few body parts that can be overlooked. When you take the time once a week for your body exfoliation it is worth it to add these to your ritual. This next-level of self-care gives a moment to be present with all of your body, and give love to every part of it!

So here are the body parts you can deeply exfoliate with the Exfoliating Mitt.

1. The ears
The ears may be the least to come to mind when you think of exfoliation. However, they can get dead skin cells built-up. Some estheticians give the ears extra attention during a facial, because like the neck, they are an extension of the face.
To exfoliate your ears with the Exfoliating Mitt, cover your index finger in the mitt's fabric and gently go along the creases and the back of the ears.

2. The back of the neck
The front of the neck gets mentioned often when talking about a skincare, but the back of the neck, not so much! Instead of stopping skincare at the face or front of the neck, having an exfoliated neck will even out the skin tone to match your gorgeous face.
With the exfoliating mitt on your hand, you can easily scrub the back of your neck. The bonus is the relaxing massage you get while scrubbing.

3. Armpits
In New York, there is a whole armpit treatment, resembling a facial! You can have your armpits treated at home with the Exfoliating Mitt. It removes dead skin cells, deodorant residue, lightens hyperpigmentation, and prevents ingrown hairs. You will feel fresh and smell fresh. On top of it, the lymph nodes in your armpits will be stimulated to detoxify and move lymph fluid, which in turn helps with overall de-puffing.

4. Pubic area
The pubic area might get some attention when shaving, waxing, or lasering hair.
However, this area needs exfoliation for the same reasons the armpits do besides the deodorant residue. It will prevent ingrown hairs and will give you overall freshness. Gently scrub the skin that normally would or wouldn't have pubic hair next to your private parts.

5. The booty
By now, you must have heard of booty scrubs. Honestly, it's beneficial to scrub the booty, but you don't need an additional scrub for it. With the Exfoliating Mitt, you will unclog pores to helps avoid buttne and lessen stretch marks, which we don't mind having but also don't mind losing. Another bonus is that the massaging effect may have a little effect on cellulite. Which again, we don't mind either way.

6. The breasts
I never heard of advice to exfoliate the breasts besides the upper chest. Your breasts have skin, so it's only logical that they can be exfoliated. It will help with stretchmarks, but like mentioned before, we don't mind them anyway. Lift up your breast and exfoliate under them, as it is where most dead skin cells mix with sweat. Be very, very gently, or even skip the nipples.

7. The feet
You don't have to wait for a pedicure to treat your feet. Exfoliate them for a fresh feeling and for soft feet. Massage every toenail cuticle while scrubbing, and you will be amazed at the nail transformation. Of course, you can also do this to your hands, but be careful to not do it with a fresh manicure as it might get chipped, so you've been warned ;-)

8. Elbows
Both elbows and knees tend to get hyperpigmentation, and dead skin cells built-up. By gently exfoliating them, you soften that skin issue if it is even an issue for you. Bend your arm and gently scrub the elbow and around it. The same thing goes for the knees. Treat them afterward with a nourishing cream or body oil and say goodbye to dry elbows and knees.


The Exfoliating Mitt's fabric feels like the granular texture of a body scrub. But because the Exfoliating Mitt is secured on your hand, you have a better grip compared to a granular scrub. The fabric covers the whole surface of your hand and stays in place, resulting in the right friction that deeply removes dead skin cells.

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