Rinse: Start by rinsing with or soaking in warm water.

EXFOLIATE: Wear the ROCCANSKIN™ Exfoliating Mitt and gently EXFOLIATE in back and forth motion.

Glow: After exfoliating, thoroughly rinse off to remove dead skin cells.

Use once a week for deep exfoliation.


Hammam Pro Tips:

If you find that dead skin cells are not easily exfoliating, it might be due to products like body lotion, body oil, or sunscreen sealing your skin. In such cases, follow these steps:

  • Wash off any body care products with a natural soap and rinse with warm water before exfoliating.
  • Avoid using hydrating products like body wash or shower gel before exfoliation, as they can also create a barrier on your skin.
  • To optimize deep exfoliation, avoid wetting or washing your hair before using the mitt, as haircare products can similarly create a barrier on your skin.
  • Exfoliate with the shower turned off, and refrain from exfoliating in or under water.

Can I use the exfoliating mitt with body wash?

Yes, you can! Just like a loofah or rag, you can use it with your favorite body wash. This is different from deep exfoliation where dead skin cells roll off, but it will make your shower gel exfoliating. Another benefit is that it gets rid of body odor better than a loofah.

You can use the mitt with shower gel once a day.

Can I Use the Exfoliating Mitt on My Face?

The Exfoliating Mitt is designed for and tested on body skin. If you choose to use it on your face, please apply very gentle pressure. Avoid using it on sensitive, sunburned, damaged, or irritated skin.

Which Skin Types Can Use the Exfoliating Mitt?

The Exfoliating Mitt is suitable for all body skin types. However, do not use it on damaged or broken, irritated, or sunburned skin.

How Hard Should I Scrub for Deep Exfoliation?

Avoid pressing too hard or scrubbing excessively. The mitt is designed to do its job. The key is to flatten your hand on your skin and use the weight of your hand to exfoliate gently.

Should I shave or exfoliate first?

It depends on the area you're treating. For areas with less hair, like legs and arms, exfoliating first will result in a closer shave. However, for areas with more hair, such as armpits or private areas, shaving first will provide better exfoliation.

How should I care for my Exfoliating Mitt?

Rinse your mitt thoroughly after use and hang it out to dry before storing it.

Hand wash it separately in cold water and line dry it in the shade. Don't iron or bleach.




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