Hello! I'm Awa. Welcome to Roccanskin!
In 2018 I started Roccanskin in New York after the concept arose during a good shower (isn't that where you get most epiphanies).

The name comes from Moroccan skin, inspired by the beautiful, diverse people of Morocco, North Africa, and the Moroccan skincare ritual. In Morocco, the Hammam is accessible for everybody. Women, men, and children visit regularly. The ritual is so popular that most Moroccans also master a full spa treatment at home!

It gets your skin ready for major (socially-distant) events or just have you feeling super fresh. I always loved to treat myself before traveling to feel comfy along the journey or wash away the week on a Sunday. The bonus, great skin! In this case, feeling good comes first, and looking good will follow! All thanks to the exfoliating mitt.

It was passed down like an heirloom in our family (repurchased, of course). My grandmother showed my mom, who used it on my brother and me.
I've never found a more effective scrub, so I always brought back a few from vacation in Morocco.

I designed the Roccanskin exfoliating mitt to have a good grip with a luxurious, high-quality elastic band, and beach sand textured fabric for radiant and soft skin. It makes skin texture improve after the first use, and the scrubbing aids lymphatic drainage. I hope the design will upgrade your bathroom deco and remind you to exfoliate.

I believe that it's the only body exfoliant you'll ever need.
I know that sounds bold, but hear me out. The difference with other scrubs is that Roccanskin makes dead skin cells roll-off. Without any toxic ingredients, it reveals soft, radiant skin, and upgrades a shower to unmatched freshness. But don't take my word for it. Try it! Moroccan hospitality inspires our return policy, so if you are not satisfied after trying Roccanskin, I promise to make it right. I hope this will make you feel welcomed at Roccanskin!

Roccanskin celebrates our skin, its protection, and beauty! The mission is to care for your skin in a potent, healthy, non-toxic way and give you a moment of relaxation to recharge. I want a community based on the care for our skin, not the color of our skin, where people from around the world are included, respected, and honored. I'd love to connect with you at @roccanskin!

Thank you for visiting Roccanskin!

- Awa Chaoubi