Exfoliating Mitt

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Refine your skins' texture and restore radiance and softness starting from the very first use. 


This exfoliating mitt brings a $300 spa day to your bathroom.
The multi-tasker boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage while it dramatically makes your skin glow from neck to toe!

Reminiscent of fine beach sand, it's fabric sloughs off dead skin cells, dryness, impurities, fake tan residue and unclogs pores for long-lasting freshness and better absorption of skincare. 

The luxurious elastic band hugs the wrist and gives grip to scrub all parts of the body.

The Exfoliating Mitt is reusable and turns your favorite shower gel, soap, and cleanser into a scrub.


How to use

To turn your favorite soap, cleanser, or shower gel into a scrub:
1. Rinse body with water
2. Put your soap, cleanser or shower gel on the Exfoliating Mitt
3. Scrub your way to glowing skin and unmatched freshness

For deep exfoliation:
1. Wash your body with soap, cleanser or shower gel to remove skincare residue 
2. Rinse your skin thoroughly
3. Rinse the Exfoliating Mitt with water
4. Scrub away with back and forth or circular motion. Dead skin cells will roll-off revealing new skin