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Refine your skins' texture and restore radiance and softness starting from the very first use! Save $30 with the 4 PACK + FREE SHIPPING!


    This exfoliating mitt brings the spa day to your shower routine!
    The reusable multi-tasker makes your skin glow from neck to toe and boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage for de-puffing.

    You can use it for weekly deep exfoliation or amp up your daily shower by using it as a loofah. It turns your favorite shower gel, soap or body wash into a scrub to make you feel super fresh!

    Reminiscent of fine beach sand, it's fabric sloughs off dead skin cells, dryness, impurities, fake tan residue, and unclogs pores for long-lasting freshness and better absorption of skincare. The luxurious elastic band gives grip to scrub all parts of the body.


    • For soft skin with a healthy glow
    • Reveal new skin and increase collagen production
    • Improve skin tone & skincare absorption
    • Boost Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage
    • Remove dead skin cells, dryness, breakouts, and ingrown hairs
    • Reduce stretch marks and keratosis pilaris appearance
    • Achieve long-lasting freshness
    • Reusable up to 12 months


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    How to use

    For deep exfoliation:

    1. Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water and rinse the exfoliating mitt

    2. Scrub away with back and forth or circular motion without shower gel. Dead skin cells will roll-off revealing new skin. Use shower gel afterward

    To turn your favorite body wash or soap into a scrub:

    1. Rinse your body and the exfoliating mitt

    2. Use the exfoliating mitt as a loofah with shower gel


    How often can I use the Exfoliating Mitt?

    For deep exfoliation, once a week.

    As a loofah with shower gel, up to once a day.

    Which skin types can use the Exfoliating Mitt?

    All body skin types can use the Exfoliating Mitt. However, please don't use it on damaged or broken, irritated, or sunburned skin.

    Can I use the Exfoliating Mitt on my face?

    Let's face it! The Exfoliating Mitt is designed and tested on body skin. 

    If you can't resist using it on your face, use very gentle pressure and minimal scrubbing. Whatever you do, refrain from using the exfoliating mitt on sensitive, sunburned, damaged, or irritated skin. 

    How hard should I scrub for deep exfoliation?

    Less is more in this case! For more instructions see our full how-to.

    For further questions check out our FAQs, chat with us, or contact us.

    Customer Reviews

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    Just overall way better skin, no other body scrub achieves this!


    I bought 4 because I don't want to use anything else anymore. I'm afraid they sell out, that's how good this mitt is for my skin. I've had small bumps forever, and literally after the first use they're gone! My dermatologist prescribed me creams and washing gels but this was all it took! If you have some skin issues try exfoliating! Really I can't tell you how much I love this exfoliating mitt, you have to try it for yourself!!!!!