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Best-selling luxurious exfoliating mitt that reveals soft skin with a natural glow

Refine your skin's texture, restore radiance and softness right from the very first use.


    Our premium ROCCANSKIN™ Exfoliating Mitt brings spa-level exfoliation to your shower routine. This versatile tool is designed to polish texture, restore radiance, and enhance softness after the very first use for all skin types.

    With its luxurious elastic band and non-stripping fabric, the mitt effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, KP, dryness, and impurities, unclogs pores, and promotes better absorption of skincare products. 

    Additionally, it boosts circulation and supports lymphatic drainage for a de-puffing effect. 


    ✔︎ Promotes a healthy glow, softness, even skin tone, collagen production, circulation, lymphatic drainage, skincare absorption, freshness.

    ✘ Diminishes dead skin cells, dryness, breakouts, rough patches, ingrown hairs, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, tan residue, keratosis pilaris.


    Rinse: Start by rinsing with or soaking in warm water.

    EXFOLIATE: Wear the ROCCANSKIN™ Exfoliating Mitt and gently EXFOLIATE in back and forth motion.

    Glow: After exfoliating, thoroughly rinse off to remove dead skin cells. 

    Use once a week for deep exfoliation.


    The fabric of the ROCCANSKIN™ Exfoliating Mitt is biodegradable viscose. The elastic band is constructed of premium spandex, and the hook is made of polyester.

    Our ROCCANSKIN™ Exfoliating Mitt is meticulously designed. Our luxury-grade elastic band and non-bleeding fabric set us apart from mass-produced brands on the market. Quality is our priority, and we stand behind our guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, we provide a replacement.


    Can I Use the Exfoliating Mitt on My Face?

    The Exfoliating Mitt is designed for and tested on body skin. If you choose to use it on your face, please apply very gentle pressure. Avoid using it on sensitive, sunburned, damaged, or irritated skin.

    How Hard Should I Scrub for Deep Exfoliation?

    Avoid pressing too hard or scrubbing excessively. The mitt is designed to do its job. The key is to flatten your hand on your skin and use the weight of your hand to exfoliate gently.

    Which Skin Types Can Use the Exfoliating Mitt?

    The Exfoliating Mitt is suitable for all body skin types. However, do not use it on damaged or broken, irritated, or sunburned skin.


    Check out FAQS or email us at customercare@roccanskin.com

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Great purchase!

    Works extremely well, so happy that I bought this!

    Lisa Da ross
    Worth every dollar.

    I was skeptical 🧐 but this exfoliating mitt is as it says. This exfoliating mitt makes my skin extremely soft you can't believe.

    Tanya M

    I am so happy with this exfoliating mitt! I was def skeptical (IG adds scare me), but this is now an essential for me. I struggle with dry skin, mainly on my legs, and this had my skin soft and shiny after one use. Don’t hesitate, get one!

    It really worked!!

    My skin was so very soft and smooth!!! I used it about once a week so as not to over so it though.

    I was looking for real reviews:

    I couldn't tell if this was a scam because of the influx of "real" people commenting about how it helped so much with KP and smoothing skin, I said F it hope I don't get scammed AND: the glove actually works. it's not too abrasive, as you can control your pressure application, but it has seriously already helped instantly. I've used it 3 times in 2.5 weeks, but even after just the first time you could feel a clear difference. I'm glad this is helping people because this is something a lot of folk battle with and many scrubs/medicines don't even affect it whatsoever.